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Bulgaria 2007 Market EUR11bn Date posted: 06.01.2008 
Property market was the absolute economic leader for Bulgaria's economy in 2007 with a record-breaking turnover of 11.36 billion euro, Yavlena real estate agency data showed.
Bulgaria Year in Review Date posted: 04.01.2008 
Real estate continued to be one of Bulgaria’s talking points and treasure troves in 2007.   This article gives a summary as to all that happened on the property market during the year.
Montenegro Brits Shun Kotor Bay Date posted: 03.01.2008 
British and Irish investors have been showing less interest recently in properties in Montenegro’s scenic Bay of Kotor region on the Adriatic coast.
Morocco Foreigners Raise Prices Date posted: 01.01.2008 
Property values in Morocco are continuing to grow as a result of foreign investment, according to a media report by the Daily Telegraph.
Bulgaria Inspection Trip to Bansko Date posted: 15.12.2007 
Guardian journalist, Tony Levene, finds out what happens when he takes advantage of a £39 for two offer to see a new resort being built in Bansko.
International Spanish Market Loses Steam Date posted: 14.12.2007 
Sharply higher interest rates, a glut of homes and newly jittery banks have come together to stall the engine that has driven one of Europe's top-performing economies for more than a decade.
Bulgaria Interest from Brits Down 70% Date posted: 14.12.2007 
Interest in holiday properties in Bulgaria from UK buyers has decreased by 70 per cent. Buyers from the UK now account for 40 per cent of buyers of holiday homes and Russians 38 per cent.
Egypt 25m Tourists by 2020 Date posted: 12.12.2007 
The Egyptian minister of tourism said that the government is planning to increase the number of tourists to reach 25 million tourists in 2020.
Egypt Mortgage Market Takes Off Date posted: 10.12.2007 
New mortgage deals now available n Egypt are finally making it possible for young Egyptians to start buying property.
Egypt Cairo Property Boom Date posted: 10.12.2007 
After languishing for several years from the late 1990s, Egypt's real estate sector is now booming on the back of three years of economic growth averaging 7 per cent.
Egypt Golfers Target Egypt Date posted: 10.12.2007 
Egypt is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing, most popular emerging golf destinations in the world.
Poland 10% Decrease in 2008 Date posted: 09.12.2007 
Next year average prices of flats in Poland are likely to drop by 10 percent and stay on this level for a year or two, an analysis by Golden Finance reveals.
Bulgaria Bulgaria Tops For Europe Date posted: 08.12.2007 
Annualised property price growth in Bulgaria for 2007 stood at 30.6 per cent, according to a survey by Knight Frank – three percentage points above the south-east Asian economic powerhouse, Singapre.
Bulgaria EU Standards Coming Date posted: 07.12.2007 
Bulgaria set up a special body that is to work for equalizing the real estate market standards of the country to those of the other EU member states.
Morocco More Flights From EasyJet Date posted: 06.12.2007 
The start of February next year will see the advent of a new batch of flights running between Madrid and Tangiers from easyJet, reports APA News.
Bulgaria Varna - The Best City Date posted: 06.12.2007 
The Black Sea city of Varna enjoys the best conditions for living and working in Bulgaria, according to a survey.
Lithuania Expat Mortgages in Ireland Date posted: 05.12.2007 
A Lithuanian bank has teamed up with a Dublin broker to offer mortgages to Ireland-based natives of the Baltic country to buy property back home.
International Brits Set To Buy More Date posted: 04.12.2007 
Datamonitor believes that the amount of foreign investment by British buyers will increase by an annual rate of 13% before 2012.
Bulgaria More Mortgage Credit Date posted: 04.12.2007 
The average amount of mortgage credits raised by nearly 11 per cent to 42 600 euro, compared to the October 2007 figures, said.
Turkey Irish Flee to Turkey Date posted: 04.12.2007 
The Irish, alarmed by the predictions of a report on global warming released by the UN in February, have begun buying real estate in the Kuşadası district of Turkey's İzmir province.
International East Europe Bubble Date posted: 03.12.2007 
One America analyst explains the reason why he thinks that there is a bubble about to burst in Eastern European real estate.
International Young Invest Far Afield Date posted: 03.12.2007 
Younger property investors have been found to be the most willing to purchase a home further afield in markets such as Brazil, Egypt and Croatia.
International 4m Homes Overseas for Brits/Irish Date posted: 03.12.2007 
New research has found British and Irish citizens own up to 3.81 million homes abroad.
Romania Supply of Flats Still Low Date posted: 29.11.2007 
Prices for real estate property will remain high in Romania as long as the demand stays high and unsatisfied.
Croatia Tourism At Record Levels Date posted: 28.11.2007 
Figures cited by IOL Travel showed that during the first nine months of 2007, there were more than nine million foreign arrivals, 6% more than during the same time last year.
Turkey Budget Flight Boost Date posted: 28.11.2007 
The expansion of low-cost airline routes into Turkey has made the country an increasingly popular holiday choice, it has emerged.
International E. Europe Construction Boom Date posted: 27.11.2007 
Demand for construction is falling, especially in Western Europe, whilst in Eastern European countries the sector is enjoying increasing dynamism and becoming an engine for growth for the overall economy.
Morocco Mirror Tips Morocco Date posted: 27.11.2007 
The Sunday Mirror recommended Morocco as a good option for buyers because of its affordability and accessibility from the UK.
International UK Migrants to E. Europe Date posted: 27.11.2007 
Approximately 800,000 Britons have second homes in the latest Eurozone countries. The most popular include Romania, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.
Croatia New Route to Dubrovnik Date posted: 27.11.2007 
BBC News reports that Flybe will begin offering passage between Exeter and Dubrovnik in the spring, as well as a number of domestic services.
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