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 New Portal for Ulcinj  05.10.2007 back
A new website ( will be the first Montenegro-based web portal dedicated to travel and tourism and general economic development in the scenic Ulcinj coastal area.

Becovic Holdings International announced today the public launch of The new website ( will be the first Montenegro-based web portal dedicated to travel and tourism and general economic development in Montenegro's scenic Ulcinj coastal area.

" will play a vital role in promoting the strategic economic development of the Ulcinj coastal zone," said Milica Medenica, Sales Manager for, "the Montenegro coastal resort region centered in Ulcinj, is considered by the World Travel Tourism Council to be the world's #1 tour and travel growth market for the next decade. We wanted to make sure that the Ulcinj region is well positioned to take advantaged of this expected growth."

At launch, provides information to website visitors about Ulcinj as a travel destination -- for individual travelers as well as tour groups, specialty travel experiences, conferences, and incentive meeting organizers. Things to do in the Ulcinj region, day-trips, excursions throughout Montenegro, all will be covered at the web portal.

The Ulcinj coastal region of Montenegro, has long been one of the top Adriatic travel destinations, among travelers in the region. Now, the destination is becoming increasing attractive for visitors originating from throughout Europe, the U.S., and from throughout the Mediterranean. Visitors are attracted by the natural beauty of Ulcinj's extensive beaches and rolling hillsides, as well as the region's remarkable 2,000-year history.

Ulcinj's temperate climate allows for enjoyable visits throughout the year. Ulcinj has also been a crossroads for Eastern and Western cultures, and to this day is still well-known by various alternate names such as Ulqin and Ulqini -- still popular because of those cultural influences still active in Ulcinj. The Ulcinj region has been a continuous settlement for more than 2,000 years, having been under the control at various times by the Romans, the Venice nation-state, the Turks, and free-ranging pirates, among others.

" is also part of Becovic Holding's integrated business strategy for Ulcinj," according to Medenica, "Becovic Holdings is an investor in real estate and resort projects in Ulcinj, and Montenegro, and is evaluating investments in local operating companies. will undoubtedly help us as we knit our country strategy together here in Montenegro."

Source: PR-Web

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